Managed Firewall Services

For those connected to the Internet a firewall is a must. Not just a firewall though - it needs to be configured properly and managed well. The Cerberus Security Team are highly experienced with Cisco's PIX firewall, Lucent, IP-Chains and Checkpoint's Firewall-1 as well as holding Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer status, thus covering many of the world's most popular firewalling products.

Firewall Consultancy Services
You're going to connect to the Internet but you don't know how to do it securely, yet. If this sounds familiar then Cerberus trained professionals can help advise on the best approach and the best firewall product to use. We can look at your situation, assess your business needs as far as your expectations of the Internet are and then help develop a secure strategy and incorporate this into your organization's existing security policy - and if you don't have one we can help you there, too. By talking to Cerberus staff we can ensure that connecting to the 'Net will be smooth and painless but, importantly, done with security very much in mind.

Installation and Configuration
You know which firewall you want to use - but you need help with installing and configuring it. The Cerberus team can draw not only on their general all round security experience but also on extensive firewall knowledge, enabling us to install and configure the firewall properly and securely. And this does not just mean the firewall - we will harden the operating system the firewall runs on and when we consider the machine to be secure we will then vigorously test it, ensuring that the firewall protects what it's supposed to protect.

Rule Base Review
Firewalls have rules. "Let web traffic to the web server but deny telnet." Firewall rule bases can be as individual as a person's fingerprints - one system will be very unlike another. In Cerberus' experience we have often come across firewalls that have been installed by a third party but been left in a very insecure state. If you would like a second opinion then Cerberus can give you a valuable one. We know what tricks hackers use to circumvent such systems and break into private networks and so can advise on whether your current setup would withstand hacker attacks.

Administration and Management
Firewalls can be complicated beasts and one error could lead to your private systems being compromised. Firewalls need to be monitored with access logs checked daily. You need to know, not only when people are trying to break in, but, more importantly, that they are not succeeding. Cerberus can provide trained personnel to administer and manage your existing firewall. What's more we can also advise you if we believe the rule base is just too lax and reconfigure it to be stronger.

Associated Services
Managed Proxy Services
Penetration Testing and Network Audit

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